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Carol Smith and Carol Burgess of Great Lakes Scrip recognized as the 'Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year'.
-2002 Winner
West Michigan Region .


About Us


Great Lakes Scrip Center serves non-profit organizations and major US retailers through innovative scrip fundraising programs.

  • Founded in 1994, GLSC has helped retailers ring up more than $9 billion dollars in sales while raising more than $500 million for our non-profit clients.
  • GLSC serves more than 14,000 client non-profit organizations in every state.
  • GLSC has long standing relationships with America's most trusted retail brands including Walmart®, Bath & Body Works®, Burger King®, Gap®, The Home Depot®, jcpenney®, Taco Bell®, Red Lobster®, Olive Garden®, Target®, ExxonMobil® and Sears® to name just a few. Click here for our complete list of retail brands.
  • In June 2002, Carol Burgess and Carol Smith, the founders of Great Lakes Scrip Center, were named West Michigan Entrepreneurs of the Year by Ernst & Young.

GLSC Benefits to Non-Profits

  • Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop® - you raise money with no selling.
  • GLSC volume buying means better rebates and more revenue for your non-profit organization.
  • No scrip broker offers a wider selection of gift cards and certificates.
  • is our FREE online scrip program management software for our client non-profit organizations. In addition, our optional SCRIPWARE™ service at is the only scrip management program that offers complete scrip inventory management, "Scrip To Go" sales support, powerful rebate sharing and financial reporting and more. SCRIPWARE is available for just $7.75 per month.

GLSC Benefits to Retailers

For retailers, GLSC offers access to loyal, motivated shoppers across the United States. GLSC non-profit organizations are eager to spend their shopping dollars with retailers who participate in scrip programs. GLSC works with participating retailers to maximize their scrip marketing efforts, and coordinate them with the retailer’s overall merchandising strategies.

  • Scrip is a powerful tool for changing shopping behavior.
  • GLSC offers retailers access to more than 5 million motivated, scrip-buying households.
  • Scrip program marketing amplifies the power of your existing marketing communications activities.
  • GLSC offers retailers a sophisticated system for activating, distributing and tracking individual gift cards.

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