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The printable retailer lists available from the web site are produced in Adobe PDF format. They require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above, a freely available program.

Special Considerations For Mac Users

Mac users may experience issues opeing Adobe PDF documents produced on our site. We have investigated these issues and have identified both the cause and a solution

The Cause

Apple's Macintosh computers come preloaded with a program called Preview which is configured to open all image and PDF files by default. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Preview cannot read our PDF documents that are generated from our database system.

The Solution

Great Lakes Scrip Center recommends downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Macintosh from the Adobe web site and installing it on your Mac. Once installed, you will need to perform the following tasks to configure your Mac to use Acrobat Reader to open PDF documents instead of Preview:

  • Click on a PDF document you have downloaded (perhaps by selecting the option to save the file rather than opening it at the time of download.
  • From the menubar, select the File Menu and the Get Info menu item
  • Under the "Open With" options, select Adobe Reader from the drop down list box and click the "Change All" button.
  • Open the PDF document by double clicking it to verify that it is opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Our printable retailer list comes in two flavors: a Detailed Retailer List and a Concise Three-Column Retailer List. The Three-Column Retailer List is a concise listing of our retailers identifying the retailer, the denominations available, and the purchase discount in a clean, three-column format. The Detailed Retailer List adds the Usage Guidelines for each product with a single column layout. These reports are run from the retailer list section of the web site. You can find both PDF's in the bottom right hand corner.

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  Date/Time Printed: 9/20/2014 2:00 PM