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St. Peter's School Gets Record Growth Using ShopWithScrip™

St. Peter's in Geneva, IL decided to replace their old scrip software with ShopWithScrip. Families loved it so much, St. Peter's increased sales by 45% in the first year, topping $1 million in sales for the first time ever.

See How ShopWithScrip Energized Their Scrip Program

Don't Let Your Scrip Program Go On Summer Vacation!

Just because your school lets out for the summer, doesn’t mean your scrip program has to discontinue. Many successful scrip programs take advantage of summertime spending to earn money year round with scrip.

Learn more about easy summer scrip programs

Bradshaw Christian Grows Quickly With PrestoPay™

As a school system of only 1100 students, Bradshaw Christian has done very well. In 2009, their first full year, Bradshaw families earned combined rebate totals in excess of $20,000.

Read how they did it here.

Plan A Teacher Appreciation Week Promotion

National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7, 2010. Your organization families will be buying teacher gifts. Why not start planning now for a powerful “Teacher Thank-You” scrip promotion?

Teacher Appreciation Promotion Details

How To Get A Tax Deduction For Scrip Participation

Recent Internal Revenue Service decisions are good news for scrip programs. Under certain common conditions, your scrip families may be entitled to a personal income tax deduction for their scrip participation.

Get the details and necessary form here.

Michigan Moms Works Smarter, Not Harder With SCRIPWARE™

Emmons Lake Elementary School in Caledonia, MI was one of the first GLSC clients to use ShopWithScrip SCRIPWARETM. Now their scrip program flourishes while they work smarter, not harder.

See how SCRIPWARE helps them manage inventory, track orders and save time.

Lisa's Recipe For Success Starts At

Lisa S. lives just outside of San Diego in Southern California. Her scrip program has enjoyed 35% growth in just eighteen months, and she did it with hard work and We asked Lisa to share her story.

Read all about Lisa's ShopWithScrip recipe for success.

Confessions Of A Reload Junkie

If you haven't tried reloading your gift cards at, maybe it's time you gave it a try. Find out how one normal scrip user learned to love reloading gift cards.

Read the confession here.

The Trouble With Credit Cards Part I - Ugly Math

"Can I pay for my scrip with a credit card?"

If you're like most GLSC coordinators, that's a question you hear all the time. For many families, credit cards are the preferred way to shop, as they accumulate rewards, airline miles and rebates. It's difficult to convince these families to participate in your scrip program if you can't accommodate their preferred way to pay. The problem is, the freebies that entice families to pay with credit cards, aren't really "free".

Find out more about the ugly math of credit cards.

The Trouble With Credit Cards Part II - Tough Choices

In part one of "The Trouble With Credit Cards", we shared the ugly math of credit cards and true costs to your scrip program. We showed you how typical merchant fees can consume almost 40% of the average scrip program's profit. And we showed you how families who purchase low margin gift cards with credit cards can even cause you to lose money!

Learn more about battling this fiscal foolishness

Case Study: Holy Cross School Shares "Seven Secrets Of Success"

At only three years old, the SCRIP program at Holy Cross School in Dover, Delaware is growing by leaps and bounds. Christine Simon and Maria Shroyer took over the fledgling program two years ago and have developed seven ways to better their program. Read how they did it.

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Case Study: Divine Mercy Scrip Program Flourishes With ShopWithScrip

Divine Mercy School in Faribault, Minnesota has always had one of the leading scrip programs in the country. They have been a strong customer of Great Lakes Scrip Center customer since 1998 with 160 to 170 families who participate in this Pre-K thru 6th grade school. Not surprisingly, Divine Mercy was one of the first schools to begin using GLSC’s free ShopWithScrip online scrip management tool.

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Case Study: Country Club Elementary Streamlines With ShopWithScrip

The five-year old Scrip program at Country Club Elementary School in San Ramon, California was floundering when Julie Eseltine took over the job. Julie had wanted to find a volunteer job with her school so that she could make a difference. When she found out that the Scrip Coordinator position was becoming available, she jumped in with both feet.

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